Why Google will buy Twitter

The­re’s no doubt about it – Twit­ter is hot, and it’s hot among us old cod­gers. Or wan­na­be old cod­gers. Whate­ver.

So what’s the most annoy­ing thing about Twit­ter? Twit­ter doesn’t sca­le, that’s what. Look­ing back: The nucle­ar near-disas­ter of Three Mile Island

Among the many factors that led to over­hea­ting and nucle­ar spill was that the ope­ra­tors rece­i­ved too much infor­ma­tion. They had no easy way to fil­ter impor­tant infor­ma­tion about the sta­te of the core of the power plant from unim­por­tant infor­ma­tion. And Twit­ter is the same. It’s very simp­le to stay in touch and even chat with a few fri­ends, but once you follow a lot of peop­le, you lose infor­ma­tion.

Bet­ter Twit­ter cli­ents can pro­bab­ly help fil­ter infor­ma­tion into groups, like Use­net of old. How­e­ver, the basic model of Twit­ter is that the­re are two stre­ams: Those you follow, and eve­rybody else. Sepa­ra­ting the wheat from the chaff is a search pro­blem.

Goog­le can do that.