Why Google will buy Twitter

There’s no doubt about it – Twitter is hot, and it’s hot among us old codgers. Or wannabe old codgers. Whatever.

So what’s the most annoying thing about Twitter? Twitter doesn’t scale, that’s what. Looking back: The nuclear near-disaster of Three Mile Island

Among the many factors that led to overheating and nuclear spill was that the operators received too much information. They had no easy way to filter important information about the state of the core of the power plant from unimportant information. And Twitter is the same. It’s very simple to stay in touch and even chat with a few friends, but once you follow a lot of people, you lose information.

Better Twitter clients can probably help filter information into groups, like Usenet of old. However, the basic model of Twitter is that there are two streams: Those you follow, and everybody else. Separating the wheat from the chaff is a search problem.

Google can do that.